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What is CSA?
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a mutually beneficial program for the farmer and the customer. The customer receives a variety of the freshest organic produce each week, and invests in the preservation of local farm land and organic, sustainable land care. The farmer benefits by receiving funds in the beginning of the season (in the spring expenses are high) and secures a market for the season’s harvest

Length and Cost of Season
Our season runs from mid June to the end of October. Local customers can pick up their bags at the farm at our farm stand at 200 Bournedale Road. We also deliver to Plymouth and Cambridge. We have arranged several group pick up locations, to find the nearest one near you, please contact If you are not able to pick up your bag at any of the drop off locations, you may arrange for a friend to pick it up for you. Our delivery day is Wednesday.


Cost per Share
Membership for the season costs $525, or $26.50/week for 20 weeks. We do not offer half shares. Some people choose to share their bag with another family and alternate the weeks each family receives the produce.

Payment Scheduale
We invite you to pay in full at the beginning of the season. We offer a $5 discount for those who pay in full upfront, otherwise, the first payment of $262.50 is due by the first of April. This buys the first 10 weeks of produce and secures your membership for the season. The remainder of $262.50 is due the first of August.

We are always looking for new members, please don't hesitate to contact us to find out how to join.

To view examples of what you might expect in a weekly bag please click here: Vegetable List